Begeleide of zelfstandige activiteit

Exploring shapes on the table in preschool

Shapes - A fun shape learning/recognition activity. Just tape each shape on a table or the floor and then with a bucket of shapes allow the kids to categorize them.

Montessori Inspired Counting

Montessori Inspired Counting

Geometria creativa: Un nombre decidirà els pals per crear una figura. Després es copiarà en el paper.

Have the students pick a number. Count that number of sticks. Make a design and recreate it with the same color markers on paper. Love all of the components! Great for creative fine motor/visual motor practice

pattern busy bag


Free set of 12 printable popsicle stick puzzles/pattern sheets for pre-school workbox-you can buy colored sticks right at Walmart!

Bugs and Bottle Tops

Bugs and Bottle Tops

Imitar el modelo con gomets

Free printable pattern reproduction sheets for using stickers or coloring onto blank templates