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When Is It Going To Be The Other Way Round?


Disney Couples' Introductions Over the Years

Disney couples' introductions over the years My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast the year I was born in!

Nunca te arrepientas...

Never regret to meet different kind of people. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give lessons, and marvelous people give you memories.

Ok some of these Ive seen but that Gaston spitting is so nasty!! And Aladdin is making a Gideon face!

You mean always pause Disney movies to laugh yourself silly? What do you mean that ruined your childhood?


Séneca: No es que tengamos poco tiempo, sino que perdemos mucho


Guarda SIEMPRE esta frase en tu mente: yo quiero, yo puedo y yo soy capaz.

Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian

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Citas Coco Chanel Moda Fashion

Citas Coco Chanel Moda Fashion "beauty begins with the decision to be yourself"