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an under stair storage unit with drawers underneath
You'll Be Mad You Didn't Think of these Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Yourself
under stairs idea
there is a stair case with shoes on the bottom and steps to the second floor
Bajo la escalera: ¡1000 posibilidades!/ Under the staircase: 1000 possibilities!
Pour les amoureuses des chaussures : un espace de rangement dédié sous l'escalier. #inspiration #escalier #rangement
a spiral staircase in an empty room with wood floors
Menuiserie métallique - Ferronnerie
Yves Deneyer - Menuiserie métallique - Ferronnerie
a living room with a spiral staircase next to a couch and table in front of it
Fontanot Lindy 030B - Petit escalier au design simple et moderne
€814.00 Arkè Karina - Karina escalier peut arriver jusqu’à 327 cm.
a spiral staircase in the middle of a room
EMRJ woodwork
Awesome stairway design! | Stairway designs | architecture | interior design | modern | #stairway #interiordesign
an empty room with wooden stairs and white walls
Stairs, schody,
a black and white staircase with bookshelf next to it in an empty room
Home - ZedWorks Design
Des lignes épurées et sophistiquées.
a spiral staircase in an office building with wood treading and metal railings on the sides
Réalisations garde corps 29, pose escaliers Guipavas - Finistère
Réalisations garde corps 29, pose escaliers Guipavas - Finistère - Alphametal 29
a close up view of a stair case with wood slats on the top and bottom
Wanecque, votre métallerie fine architecturale made in France
Le propre de l'escalier KESSON est d'offrir le principe du KONSOL grâce aux crémaillères qui le rendent autoportant. Le peu de structure métallique visible souligne la finesse de sa ligne ; la présenc [...]
a spiral staircase in the middle of a room with tables and stools around it
Une brasserie et un hôtel 4* au coeur des anciens Haras de Strasbourg
Les Haras Strasbourg/Hotel and Brasserie Building in eastern France – design by Agence Jouin Manku
an image of a staircase in the middle of a room
1M2™ by EeStairs - Square spiral staircase by EeStairs | ArchiExpo
Square spiral staircase / metal steps / without risers - TSS 067 - EeStairs
a man is walking up some stairs made out of wood
Suchergebnisse für "architektur/news/gewagter-stapel-wendeltreppe-in-rzeszow-022905.html"
Architekten: QC, Lucjan Kuc, Rzeszow Standort: Rzeszow, Polen
the stairs are decorated with different patterns and colors, including black, white, yellow, brown
Mobilier et décoration d'intérieur haut de gamme
Les Papiers de Ninon
some stairs with numbers painted on them in black and white, as well as wooden steps
Escalier peint - Inspiration Couleur et Déco
Escalier bois et noir chiffres peints sur contremarches