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Vassily Maximov - Everything is in the past, 1889

Russian Landscape, Occult Art, Awesome Art, Clouds, Landscapes, Scenery, Paisajes

Silence has Settled, Nikolay Nikanorovich Dubovskoy (Russian, 1859 – 28 February

My Favorite Music, Violin, Scotland, Peace, Room

Arkhip Kuindzhi - Moonlit night on the Dnieper

Russian Style, Russian Painting, Art Work, Birth, Artist, Photos, Lilacs, Pictures, Work Of Art, Lilac Bushes, Art Pieces, Births, Syringa Vulgaris, Photographs, Lilac Tree, Artists

Russian Art, Art Reproductions, Art History, Fine Art, Searching, Oil Paintings, Search, Oil On Canvas, Figurative Art, Visual Arts