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SS fan art with the joker and Harley Quinn

virtualibrary: “ Tons of Suicide Squad merch popping up! Mostly Joker and Harley merch, that was to be expected ♦️♦️ Top to bottom: Harley and Joker t-shirt designs Exclusive Funko Pops!

Harley Quinn • Concept Art// color sleeve ✤ || ハーレークインとジョーカー (Hārēkuin to jōkā) • concept art, #comics #Mr. J #HarleenQuinzel #Guazón #Puddin #DC || ♠

erinkkavanagh: “ A variation on Harley’s Belle Reve prison outfit… I’m still so obsessed with how her suicide squad costume was a Debbie Harry homage so why not keep that trend going for more of her film outfits …because Blondie’s stage outfits were.