SPRING IS COMING :) Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.

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Use cardboard, craft sticks, and hot glue to create an epic marble run! The marbles land in paper cups at the bottom of the track. This is a fantastic engineering challenge for kids. How should we position the sticks? Which path will the marbles take? How

Animales con rollos de cartón | Aprender manualidades es

Animales con rollos de cartón... ¡para los peques de la casa!

Manualidades para preescolar

Creative crafts for kids of all ages: Leaf printing. Just paint on a rainbow design of a tree on a leaf and use as a stamp.

Manualidades para niños reciclando. ¡No tires las botellas de plástico!

Manualidades para niños reciclando. ¡No tires las botellas de plástico!

La importancia de la vegetación demostrada con un simple experimento casero | Ecocosas

Possible school experiment to show importance of wetlands/riparian zones! This shows the importance of plants in our soil. Plants like trees and grasses help purify ground water. Without them the ground water gets polluted and harder to clean and drink.

Paper Birdcage Tutorial

DIY paper bird cage {so cute!} Fun craft for kids doing a bird or pet unit.

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