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a painting of a window with potted plants on the ledge and an open door
Francesco Mangialardi худодник
a painting of a bicycle parked in front of a window with shutters and flowers
Provence window 80x65 oil on canvas 2004
a painting of a dog yawning with its mouth open
an oil painting of a fox looking at the camera
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Jennifer Kastrau
a painting of three people playing music together
a painting of people playing musical instruments in front of a piano and an instrument player
Jazz blue dress trio - O.BOISSINOT - Paintings & Prints, Entertainment, Music, Jazz, Blues, & Swing - ArtPal
a painting of people playing instruments and singing in front of a man with a microphone
Jazz rose green - O.BOISSINOT
a painting of some people playing instruments
a painting of a man playing a trumpet
Retrat d'un músic en aquarel·la
a painting of a woman in a field of red flowers with a hat on her head
Niña en campo de amapolas