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two men are talking to each other in front of a tv screen with the caption fun fact is useless
a line graph with the words, what makes people feel powerful money status fixing bugs in other people's code
Website Design and Development Services
the text is written in white and green squares
GitHub Commit Bot to Stack Your Contributions Graph -
four different types of microphones with caption saying, i'm sure the idm generation won't understand this
50 Posts About The ’80s You Have To Be Old Enough To Get, Shared On This Instagram Page
a comic strip with people talking to each other and one man holding a beer in his hand
Programming Geeks (@programming.geeks) on Threads
a person taking a photo in front of a sign with the words documention me
two pictures with words describing the differences between programming, programming and programming in computer science
an ad for the internet with many different pictures and words on it, including money
Computer Science
a close up of a person wearing a piece of plastic covering his face and neck
an image of a blue and yellow object with text that reads normal people it's a dishwasher table
a sign on the wall that says, program joke false it's funny because it's true
Daily Dose of Programming (@errorcodeonly) on Threads
Follow @stackovermemes for… | Instagram Python, David Gonzalez, David, Css, Erudite, Acting
Follow @stackovermemes for… | Instagram
four different types of logos that appear to be in the same language as each other
Johnny, Johnny Yes, Eating RAM again? No, Papa. Telling lies again? No, Papa. Open your mouth. - iFunny
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