Cute wrapping idea! Maps can be used in more ways than you ever thought!

map wrapped presents. I also use old newspapers to wrap my presents and add a pretty bow. Pretty Christmas Cards (old cards) can be cut into different shapes and made into ornaments or to use for name tags on presents.

USA Map Bookshelf

Totally Rad USA Map Bookshelf If I had this I would place all my books that are based on a real place onto the state the book is set in.

beautiful maps of Paris. this could be a super cute art piece for your house!

I Heart: Paris Maps

Beautiful maps of Paris. I am particularly posting this due to map I love the linear feel it has but it is still so easy to recognise what it is showing.

Map art!

The Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River Harold Fisk graphics drawing over maps

Maps can add an exciting touch to your home decor!

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