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vídeo para status Casal apaixonado
the text message is in spanish and english
a woman with wet hair is looking at the camera and has two conversation bubbles above her head
the text message is in spanish and english on the cell phone, which reads 2 menagens nao / idas
an image of someone in the back seat of a car with text on it that reads,
someone is texting on their cell phone with the sun setting in the sky behind them
the text messages are being displayed on their cell phones, and they appear to be in different languages
Aguarde carregando
the woman is texting on her cell phone while she has long dark hair and red lipstick
Dia Internacional da Mulher 💜 Feliz dia!
the text message is being displayed on an iphone's screen, and it appears to be in spanish
the texting app for whatsapp is displayed in two different screens, one with an
a piece of paper with writing on it next to a sunflower and an orange flower
Ânimo menina 🌻🌻