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an old stone arch with statues on top
people are swimming in the water near a fountain with a statue on top and trees around it
an aerial view of a city street with cars driving on the road and buildings in the background
a tall building with a clock on it's side and trees in the foreground
two cars are parked on the side of the street
there is a set of stairs with wood handrails
a display case in a store filled with lots of food
Best Foods, Bomber Jacket, Good Things
a garden with benches and a fountain surrounded by trees
a person pouring something into a glass on top of a table with food and drinks
an apartment building with bars on the windows and doors painted red, yellow and white
people in small boats floating on the water near a statue and fountain with statues behind them
10 Best Free Things to Do in Madrid
Parque del Retiro en Madrid. Hay gente en los barcos
people are standing on the sidewalk in front of an ornate building with gold trimmings
25 beautiful photos that will make you want to visit Madrid, Spain
Madrid - Gran Vía y Edificio Metrópolis - Precioso punto de la ciudad tanto de día como de noche.