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The P45 is a full French lace women's hair topper with a 1" double layer lace perimeter. The French lace contributes to what is a very natural look for the wearer while the double layer lace perimeter provides even more strength and hold for the top piece which can last around 3-6 months if taken care of properly.
The M106 men's toupee uses super soft French lace material to provide a very natural and realistic look throughout the unit. It comes with 1" of poly painting across the back for easy attachment, maintenance and removal. It also has an 100% light to medium hair density with an extra 10% hair density in the front allowing for various styling options. Overall, it's one of the most popular options available at Superhairpieces when it comes to natural-looking hair systems.
One of the most popular units at Superhairpieces, the HD111 is an ultra thin skin hair system. With a base thickness of 4 mils and v-loop ventilation, it is one of the most natural-looking hairpieces out there. Because it uses poly throughout, it is also very easy to attach and remove. It comes with 95% hair density which is 15-20% more than the regular M111. However, it is still a disposable hairpiece, so it will need to be replaced after a month or so of use.

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Meet @superhairpieces young influencer Hector! Awesome #transformation! #hairsystem #hairpieces #youngman #hairsystems
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Meet @superhairpieces young influencer Hector! Awesome #transformation! #hairsystem #hairpieces #youngman #hairsystems
The M105 is a perfect choice for a natural-looking French lace hair system. It uses super soft French lace material which contributes to a natural look throughout while it also allows for styling options such as spiky hair thanks to the extra 10% hair density at the front, with 100% hair density in the rest of the unit. Additionally, it's also breathable making it a great choice if you're in a warmer region or plan on partaking in physical activities. Hair Cuts