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Medieval Limp Bindings  from 1451-1452,  Referred to as the Vadstena Observance.  Vadstena was a Swedish monastery

Limp cloth binding: Front cover Photo: István Borbás/National Library of Sweden Vadstena observance. Sweden, Medieval limp cloth binding of linen with three seals. Vadstena klosterregel Medeltida mjukt textilband i linne med tre sigill.

GLENN LIGON (B. 1960)  2000-2099

GLENN LIGON (B. 1960) 2000-2099

Book Title: Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687 Primary Source:

Principia Mathematica by Isaac Newton. Why it changed the world: Newton’s Principia, published in laid the foundation for much of modern physics and mathematics.