Escalera : Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos de aaestudio

N14 de aaestudio

Great looking glass railings using standoffs. Get yours too at Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles.

Diseño de escalera. Visto en

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10 rincones secretos de España que (seguramente) no conoces

10 rincones secretos de España que (seguramente) no conoces

Galería de 3 historias / GASPARBONTA - 6

Galería de 3 historias / GASPARBONTA - 6

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Form of Public Control (2)

Gallery of Form of Public Control / Jae Kim

Kim of CoDeAU, the Form of Public Control project is aimed at being the century’s notion of a skyscraper in Manhattan.

Situated amongst the urban bustle of Osaka, Namba Park is a welcome relief from the walls of gray concrete that swathes the city. This green oasis — with its cliffs and waterfalls — stands where the local baseball stadium used to be, and is made up of a thirty-floor skyscraper and a shopping mall with eight floors of terraced gardens.

Japan's Namba Park

Namba Parks is a shopping complex located in Osaka, Japan. Consists of a office tower called Parks Tower and a shopping mall. The building is mostly focused on bring a little green into the concrete and metal city.


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