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Imagine if you could outsource your dieting! While that might be impossible, you can outsource not only the initial steps of financial planning but you can also free up your time by automating it.

The job market is moving ever faster, so employers can't afford to waste time. Here are some things that you should do to secure top talent.

Carlos Slim was born on January 1940 in Mexico City, member of a family of Catholic Lebanese emigrants who settled in Mexico.

Elon Musk - this man is an incredible inspiration. He has made his money by improving technology in the areas of internet money transactions, space technology, car technology, Solar power, and now he is working on transportation. The guy loves making hi

The word innovator is used often in tech but in the case of Jack Dorsey, founder at 2 companies worth several billion dollars, the title is well deserved.

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba filed paperwork Tuesday for what's expected to be one of the largest initial public offerings in history.

Bloomberg Business, Michael O'keefe

Did you know the founder of Chipotle, is a CU alum? Steve Ells received a BA in Art History here before attending a culinary school and eventually establishing the first Chipotle in Denver!

Larry Page was born in in Lansing, Michigan, son of Carl Vincent and Gloria Page, both Computer Science and programming professors.

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is a fortress for all those who love and believe in freedom; founder of The Freeman Magazine.