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the sun shines through two windows in an empty room with red and white tiles
Pop Up by La Manso
One of our open spaces in Mallorca for pop ups was taken over by La Manso this summer for their new collection. Find perfect spaces for pop ups at Spathios!
An event by Spathios in one of their popular spaces in Barcelona. The event consisted on brands showcasing their new product, live music by Bernarda and Rafael Ulecia, food provides by @espinaler and design by @westwing Popular, Trousers, Music, Design, Fashion, Live Music, New Product, Brand
El Mercadillo; The Event
An event by Spathios in one of their popular spaces in Barcelona. The event consisted on brands showcasing their new product, live music by Bernarda and Rafael Ulecia, food provides by @espinaler and design by @westwing
the neon sign is lit up in front of clothes hanging on racks and against a white brick wall
A Pop-Up by Nude Project
About Nude Project's latest Pop Up in the city of Barcelona. Our friends presented their new collection " les femmes". The space, located in the heart of Barcelona has a two-storey multidisciplinary space at street level.
a man standing next to an airplane on top of a dirt field in front of a building
Aerodrome in the middle of nature
The remote Aerodrome is located in the middle of the Montgrí Natural Park, surrounded by nature and with an African “air” with views of the best sunset in the Empordà. 45,000 m2 of land surrounded by rice fields with a clear horizon, two dirt runways 300m long by 6 wide and 1,200m2 of hangars available to work inside. A perfect location for audiovisual productions and events. Find more about this location by clicking the link!
a house between vineyards with the words, a house between vineyards above it
House between Vineyards
Country side house in the middle of nature, ideal to celebrate events, meetings and audiovisual productions ⁠ The space is located very close to Barcelona and has a large garden of 6,500 m2. Fits 250 people⁠ and it's located in Òdena, Barcelona⁠. ⁠ Do you want to know more?⁠ Click the link @spathios
a boat floating on top of a lake next to a lush green forest
Modernist country house
Modernist country house in Girona⁠. You can book the space for large events like weddings and audiovisual productions⁠. ⁠ The house, with more than 130 private hectares, has large gardens, with two natural lakes and beautiful roads. ⁠ Find more by clicking the link!
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a plant in a potted planter
The Rural House
Summertime on a rural porch The house has a spectacular patio with swimming pool, barbecue, chill out area. Inside there's a dining room with a fireplace and the top floor, an open room perfect for carrying out any type of activity. ⁠ Book this space for audiovisual productions, events and meetings at @spathios⁠ ⁠ · Wire Heads, Ávila⁠ · 400 m2⁠ · 20 people⁠
the interior of a modern house with an ocean view
Casa de Escamas
This house of scales in Granada is built on a hillside facing the sea with a very special architecture that makes it blend into the landscape⁠. The complex scheme is the result of ambitious ideas derived from both the client and the architect. the brief called for a structure that would integrate with the unique landscape and contain interiors orientated towards the sea. The house is available to rent for shootings, meetings and more. Find out at @spathios.
an orange couch sitting in the middle of a room
Industrial Loft
Our iconic chair in one of our iconic spaces at Spathios. ⁠ With an industrial essence and style, where you can organize an audiovisual production or an event⁠ in Barcelona.⁠
an open kitchen and dining area with wood ceilinging in a house that has been recently renovated
Valencia's Art House
A sculpture? Not quite… A house? Not exactly… The house greats you with 20-foot-tall concrete pillars, beautiful big windows and a modern swimming pool. The house is surrounded by green grass with the Valencian mountain views. A space to film, enjoy a small gathering or use as a retreat.
a person standing in an empty white room next to a table with chairs and a vase on it
Converted Loft
This new house arises from the transformation of an old motorcycle repair shop in the Milagrosa neighborhood in Pamplona. The entrance of the loft is transformed into a porch, a semi-private urban garden that acts both as a filter and as a space for union and transition between the house and the street. You can rent this space for product presentations, press conferences, exhibitions and fashion shows.
an open kitchen and dining room area with white walls, arched windows, and colorful chairs
Seaside loft
High ceilings and a terrace with a view make this space ideal for a retreat or celebration. Modern design combined with elements of Mediterranean tradition. Unbeatable light with south-east-west orientation and large arched windows. Start planing your next birthday party in this amazing space!
the inside of a large white tent with wood flooring and drapes covering it
Country side House for events
Sorrounded by forest, this 30 hectares farmhouse in Argentona is the place to be! The farmhouse is ideal for parties and religious celebrations having a romanesque chapel from the 9th century and some stables. There are different garden areas that can host banquets and aperitifs. Find more images to book this space!