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the logo and business card design for manuela faunel, an italian brand
Manuela Fahel — Psicóloga Infantojuvenil | Identidade Visual 2023
four different images of the same item on display, including a t - shirt and pillows
House of Psychotherapy
Funky, Modern, Bold Brand Identity Design for Coach
Funky, Modern, Bold Brand Identity Design for Coach Isla Clunie's branding uses punctuation symbols to communicate her idea to the audience. Isla now has a unique Brand Identity to up-level her business offerings. This branding was designed to be eye-catching, bold, fun and modern! This project included Brand Design, Logo Design, Sticker Design, Brand Guide and more. This Brand was designed to appeal to its online audience, create brand recognition and build legitimacy with its community.
a square coaster with different shades of blue and yellow on the side, along with text that reads nextpure
📓¨𝖢𝟬𝖫𝗢𝖱 𝖯𝟦𝖫𝗘𝖳𝖳𝖤𝗦 ☆_☆ %#
the new color palette is shown in different shades
Neutral Base
the modern color palette for braveheart
Color Palette Braveheart
four different shades of pastel blue, pink, and purple with the words dabib efcccc
color palette › ๑ibriyou
the color palette is shown in shades of pink, purple and white with different colors
six shades of pastel paint with the names of each color in different sizes and shapes
the color scheme for an interior design project
Color Palette No. 05