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Creative Haven Wish You Were Here! Coloring Book (Creative Haven Coloring Books) | Author: Teresa Goodridge |  Publisher: Dover Publications |  Publication Date: 44153 |  Number of Pages: 64 pages |  Language: English |  Binding: Paperback |  ISBN-10: 0486845400 |  ISBN-13: 9780486845401

Wish you were here

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Country Christmas

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a painting of the eiffel tower in paris with wine, fruit and bread
a painting of flowers in a basket on a table next to a person holding an open book
a drawing of a japanese garden with flowers and trees in the background, along with a bridge that leads to a small pond
a drawing of two people standing in front of a fountain
Trevi Fountain from Wish You We’re Here
a painting of a tent and picnic table by the water
a drawing of a castle in the middle of a forest with trees and water behind it
an egyptian scene with camels and palm trees
a drawing of a train going over a bridge with trees and mountains in the background
a painting of a boat floating on top of a river next to a house and windmill
a drawing of a castle in the middle of trees and water with mountains behind it
a painting of a girl and her dog by the water with colorful houses in the background
an image of a painting with people riding bikes in front of a mountain town and lake