We could experiment with face & body painting.


Etnia Cosmetics Campaign Beautifully simple and graphic campaign photographed by Jose Morraja. Concept and Art Direction by Lavernia & Cienfuegos + Ipsum Planet.

Leopard Print Chrisitian Louboutin

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girl just 5 years of old photography.

believein the beauty of your dreams,and your lifewill befilled with magic….- chubby cheek photographyi have no words…miss c& all about me session exceeded my wildest glitter filled dreams…sigh….

This 1953 award winning advertisement for Vanity Fair is a truly beautiful and elegant. Photographer Mark Shaw does a superb job capturing the models in their flowing gowns.

Vanity Fair, 1953 Photograph by Mark Shaw. I reposted just because this is a beautiful picture

May 16 Life in color! Breathtaking REAL color images from the turn of the century.

Makeup - I was lucky enough to art direct and shoot the latest God Save Queens lingerie campaign, a beautiful polish brand with stunning undies. I imagine queens through - Makeup Products

(by Richard Bram)

by Richard Bram. The magic of walking through the city at night in the rain. I remember as a child how streetlights and traffic lights seemed to sparkle more, reflecting in the drops and the puddles, turning a dark wet night into magic.

model: jean patchett photo: irving penn, nyc (1949)

Jean Patchett, New York, 1949

vogue kroea 2013 august fashion into crafts 5 620x822 Vogue Coréia Agosto 2013 | Lee Hyun Yi, Lee Hye Jung e mais por Kang Hyea Won

Vogue Korea - ‘Fashion into Crafts’, lensed by Kang Hyea-Won and featuring models Lee Hyun-Yi, Lee Hye-Jung, Song Kyung-Ah and Park Sera.