Starsky & Hutch Paul Micheal Glazier & David Soul .

Teen years again - Starsky & Hutch - I wanted to marry Paul Michael Glaser

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i'm just in that mood today when i want someone logical and unemotional to talk too. and that is why spock and i belong together

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80 S, Nostalgia

The Session - With my best friend Andi Gladwin I organize a convention in the UK. We celebrate ten years this year, and have brought in the greatest living magician, Juan Tamariz, to help us celebrate.

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80 S, Me Fui, Nostalgia, Childhood, Childhood Memories, My Childhood, Slippers, Footwear, Infancy

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Boy George Runway Makeup - My my, the is back in vogue this season. Designer houses like Gucci, Sonia Rykiel, Topshop, and Alexander McQueen all showed powdered vam.

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80 S, Nostalgia, Childhood

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