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¡Woooow! Creo que ya sé dónde se encuentra mi lugar favorito...¿En qué piensas si te dicen la palabra "museo"? Lo sé. En historia, geografía, arte, Grecia, etcétera, etcétera y, claro, en Ross Geller y los dinosaurios. ¿Y si luego de la palabra museo te digo la palabra "helado"? ¡Ajá! Te encanta la cul

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I have a feeling that I lost so many years with you. but then I also know that maybe we weren't ready. I hate myself a bit for not trying. but I was literaly crawling undergrownd when we had our first encounters.

25 Divertidas fotos que toda chica debe tener con su mejor amiga ⋮ Es la moda

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I asked some of my friends if they would still be my friend if I was emo: out of all my friends, my best friend was the only one that said "We would grow apart quickly. STAY WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS"