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an old fashioned camera sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wood wall
Leica M5 Review - The Odd One Out
The Leica M5
an old camera sitting on top of a wooden table next to pictures and flowers in front of it
Week 7 of 52 – our theme is "Vintage Photography"
vintage Polaroid.
an old fashioned camera is shown on the facebook page, and it appears to be being used
a person holding an old camera in their hand with the caption photography reminds us of what once was perfect
Lotta Agaton
a man is holding his arm around a woman's shoulders as she holds her camera
Un self en hiver
by Emmanuelle Brisson
a man holding an old fashioned camera in front of his face
Paolo Roversi
a woman holding an old fashioned camera in her hands
black and white photograph of a woman holding a camera
Diane Arbus - New York
Diane Arbus. photo © Dennis McGuire
an old man holding a camera in his right hand and looking at the camera with one eye open
Picasso FED2
Picasso FED2 by KF 红相机, via Flickr
a woman in white shirt sitting on bed holding a camera up to her face with both hands
by anne.puhlmann on Flickr.
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror with a camera on her shoulder
*Enjoy Camera Life
*Enjoy Camera Life *6261
a man is taking a picture with his camera
1924us - Venture Onward
several different types of business cards and envelopes on a white background with the words origami com written below them
thegreenfrogstudio's blog
Origrami mini album #packaging PD
a woman sitting on a couch holding a camera
· analog oldies ·
· analog oldies · by light thru my lens PHOTOGRAPHY Anna on 500px