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Marina Sánchez

Marina Sánchez
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With class pictures, does anyone else ever look between the dancers and choose a favorite?(I& chosen the blonde at the back in this one; her posture& beautiful!

Love this pic it used to be no filter but I added some enchantments to it

I'm a college student and a dancer. Never judge someone until you know their story, so many things can be hidden behind a smile.

♡Breakfast at Avery's♡

Sonia Rodriguez, Principal dancer with The National Ballet of Canada, is working at the barre in her studio. This beautiful scene is captured by Karolina Kuras - one of the world's best ballet photographers.

The five basic ballet positions. From left to right, first to fifth position.

bloomfall: Ballet Essay Five students of the School of the American Ballet demonstrating the five basic ballet positions, from first position (L) to fifth position (R).