Idea: get a ton of identical boxes, take actual photos of shoes to glue on boxes. Shoes stay dust free on closet shelves. No more opening box after box! I love it.

I wish I had enough space for my own shoe library. I certainly have enough pairs of shoes! How To: Organize Your Stuff: Create a tidy and discreet shoe library.

Pictorial shoe organization - if only I had this much space! I would not need as many shopping dates... Just walk into closet. :)

Leichtman M What Wear - Picture Perfect Storing your shoes in boxes will not only lead to a more organized closet overall, but ensures your footwear remains in pristine condition.

Take pics of all 100 billion of Heathers shoes. Create labels for all shoe boxes.

I think I will pick up a bunch of these transparent boxes from the hardware or dollar store to store shoes on the upper shelf of my closet.

Simple DIY Shoe Storage. GENIUS! Place a picture of the shoes on the front of the box so you can easily pick out the ones you need!

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Label your shoeboxes with Polaroids for the ultimate dream closet.

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