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Hidden Treasure: A Map to the Child's Inner Self General Psychology Ebook by Violet Oaklander Mental Health Counseling, Kids Mental Health, Gestalt Therapy, Psychology Books, Hidden Treasures, Play Therapy, Working With Children, Self, Food

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Hidden Treasure is a follow up to Oaklander's first book, Windows To Our Children. Most of the books available in working with this population are written from a traditional 'play therapy' point of view. The Gestalt Therapy-based approach provides a more effective method for psychotherapeutic work with children of all ages. The focus is on the relationship between the therapist and client, rather than observation and interpretation. It is a vigorous, dynamic approach.Violet Oaklander uses a…

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This book is the product of a Campaign Day organised by the Paracelsus Trust to raise awareness of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The Campaign Day brought people together, enabling individuals to tell their story, and allowed all of those involved to recognise the progress that has been made in recognition of the condition, which has long been either ignored or misunderstood, and the possibilities for the future. As this was a profoundly moving experience, it was decided to put the…

Ego Damage and Repair: Toward a Psychodynamic Neurology (eBook) Rem Sleep, Self Treatment, Neurology, Self Help, Psychology, Ebooks, Author, Teaching, Activities

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As a psychiatric trainee at Harvard in the early 1960s, Dr Allan Hobson was taught commitment to psychoanalytic theory that was already suspect and is now almost entirely obsolete. Via a series of clinical case reports, the author first apologizes for the arrogant ignorance that he adopted from his teachers and then replaces Freudian doctrine with a scientific alternative called Psychodynamic Neurology. The new approach is solidly grounded in sleep and dream science and restores hypnosis to…

Just sliced my ebook "Introductory Lectures on Lacan". Get a slice or remix slices to create your own custom ebook. Freud Theory, American Psychological Association, Apa Style, Cultural Studies, New Perspective, Book Authors, Psychology, Ebooks, This Book

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Lacan developed his theory and practice of psychoanalysis on the basis of Freud's original work. In his "return to Freud" he not only elaborated and revised some of Freud's innovative ideas, but turned to important questions and problems in Freud's theory that had remained obscure and unresolved, and provided a new way of articulating these issues and their implication for psychoanalytic theory and practice.This book offers a selection of chapters about some of the fundamental concepts of…

Just sliced my ebook "Psychoanalysis in China". Get a slice or remix slices to create your own custom ebook. Tavistock, Electronic Books, Library Catalog, Current Location, The Twenties, Psychology, Ebooks, China, David

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The introduction of psychoanalysis to China over the last twenty years brings a clash between Eastern and Western philosophical backgrounds. Chinese patients, therapists and trainees struggle with assumptions inherent in an analytic attitude steeped in Western ideas of individualism that are often at odds with a Chinese Confucian ethic of respect for the family and the work group. The situation is further complicated by the rapid evolution of Chinese culture itself, emerging from years of…

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Childhood is defined in different preconceived manners by different discourses. Thus the categories defined by age such as infant, child, adolescent and so on, are to some extent arbitrary divisions that are subject to the evolution in clinical, societal, ideological and political discourses. Within psychoanalysis there has been a conflation of childhood construed through the retrospective memories of adults, and childhood as seen through the perspective of infant observations. In What is a…

Just sliced my ebook "Psychoanalytic Technique and Theory". Get a slice or remix slices to create your own custom ebook. Free Books, Textbook, Mystery, Novels, Ebooks, Fantasy, Statue, Theory, Psychology

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This volume consists of a series of essays inspired by Freud's paper on Jensen's novel Gradiva - "she who steps along." In the story a young archaeologist, Norbert Hanold, suffers from delusions but is able to unravel the mysteries of his emotional life and mind with the aid of a woman who does not challenge these delusions, but rather "steps along" with Hanold, gradually helping him to disentangle truth from fantasy, through what Freud called "cure by love". Gradiva, originally felt to be…