posters for the bronx zoo

great use of positive and negative space! Bronx Zoo, uses cut-outs and textures that already existed for signage to find animals. I especially love the zebra.


The Outdoor Advert titled CVV (Suicide Prevention Center): Help yourself, 1 was done by Leo Burnett Tailor Made Sao Paulo advertising agency for Cvv in Brazil. It was released in Jul

★ Unicef Switzerland: World Food Day | Saatchi & Saatchi

World Food Day, Unicef Switzerland Ad i like how that've made a hand out of the fork. simple yet meaningful ad

The use of whitespace makes this ad much more powerful. The design is simple, yet strong, and captures the emotion behind the problem it's communicating.

Serious advertisements

★Experience Mobile Mobile by James Théophane Jnr. Lost Boys (an Interactive Agency) invited me to do something for their agency Christmas card.

Experience Mobile Mobile Built and hoisted a gigantic interactive chandelier/mobile that plays Christmas jingles in our reception. Mobile Mobile has been made as a semi-permanent hanging (exhibition) space.

★  AOK Health Insurance: The Non-Smokers-Art Calendar | Serviceplan

Munich-based ad agency Serviceplan Health & Life created this calendar to promote an online non-smoking program for AOK Health Insurance. The calendar feat

★ Yoga One | Marked for Trade

Creative Yoga One Business Card - Cool creative unique business card showcasing on Coolest Business Card

★ milk teeth | Agency : Almap/BBDO (Brazil)

★ milk teeth | Agency : Almap/BBDO (Brazil)

★ Panasonic Note headphones | Scholz & Friends

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Panasonic Note