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Mike McQuade — Shure, best known for their amazing punk rock enduring microphones, I did some spec design for some posters to promote their new product "Axient," a line of wireless sound boards.

Catwoman! #DarkKnightRises #Batman #TDKR

New The Dark Knight Rises Legend Ends posters was released by Warner Bros. to continue their marketing for the film due out July The darker 3 looks really cool, but the ones titled Legend End's are ok. Plus, I don't like the look of Catwoman,.

I look soooo pretty

Grinch Dinner--menu includes Grinch punch, Who-Pudding, Rare-Who-Roast Beast, and Who-Hash. Fun idea if you have young children who appreciate "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".We are so having a Grinch dinner next week!


Step out as one of Santa's elves in an Elf Costume. This Elf Costume features a long green and red felt tunic with a tie waist, a pixie hem, and a pom-pom jester collar.