Montserrat, naturaleza, espiritualidad.
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some very big rocks and trees on the side of a hill with mountains in the background
Montserrat rocks
many candles are lit in different colors and sizes
Candles at Montserrat
an empty courtyard in front of a large building with arched windows and lights at night
Montserrat's Basilica at night time
the mountains are covered with trees and rocks under a clear blue sky in the distance
Landscape Montserrat
the interior of an old church lit up at night
Inside basilica Montserrat
the interior of an old church with stained glass windows
Inside Basilica Montserrat
the inside of a restaurant with tables and chairs in it's center aisle, looking down into the dining area
Inside the Basilica Montserrat
an old church with a bell tower in the middle of a grassy area next to trees
Monastery's garden
an artisticly designed fountain in the middle of a park with animals and plants painted on it
Atrium floor Montserrat