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I am in love with life, I divorce the sadness, I marry with happiness, I became a lover of joy and. from time to time, to kiss with the madness

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"The point is not to learn to let go of people, but learn to let go of the piece of you that will stay with them.

sacudiendo el alma... podría ser un pedacito de una de tus canciones @davidbisbal #db2014

And you know that love came into my life not knocking on the door or coming through the window as they say it comes . It has come to my life crumbling the house, knocking down walls, tearing up the floor, shaking the soul.

Si te caes te levanto, y si no, me acuesto contigo. Julio Cortazar

Julio en Julio (Fatídica Gala: miscelánea de experiencias)