This is fantastic!

A point based chore chart for grounding. Assign points to the punishment and for chores around the house. To get ungrounded the child must complete chores. It could take a day or a month, it's up to your child! Seems like it would work SO much better than


Cell phone contract for teens, this is a great idea. Should be used before giving or allowing your preteen/teen to begin using a cell phone or laptop. Parents should always have access to all their electronic devices.

Time out chair, so cute

Time-Out Chair! Keep time-out brief with this DIY chair. Make sure to place the chair away from any distractions to allow your child quiet time to think.

Preparing your kids for the adult world. If only every parent did this..

Interesting List of tasks children can master, by age, to gradually gain independence. I think I will take a few of these for the kids chore charts!

Bible Verse Balloon Batting: A Fun Bible Memory Verse Game for Elementary Kids

The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible memory verse games! Here is one called "Bible Verse Balloon Batting” to make memorizing Scripture fun.