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an image of two hands working with yarn
Trenzado - bordado en papel
a piece of art made out of beads and wire with a pearl in the middle
Брошь девушка с жемчужной серёжкой
the back of a man's shirt with an eye and stars painted on it
an embroidered picture of a bride and groom in their wedding day, with the date 1939 on it
Collage, Crafts, Fun, Fun Crafts
an image of a bird with colorful feathers on it's head and tail sitting on a rock
a hand embroidered starfish and seaweed design on a pink fabric with gold sequins
Camille Enrico - Manchettes COBIJA Or Accessories, Bracelets, Brecelet, Joya, Bonbon, Punto De Cruz, Sari
CAMILLE ENRICO Paris . Site Officiel . Bijoux & Accessoires
Camille Enrico - Manchettes COBIJA Or
a woman's face is covered in gold thread and has her hands on her chin
a man with flowers on his chest and arms
Croquis, Pintura, Toile, Mural
Índia - Paradigmas da Beleza - Mylene Rizzo
Stricken, Papier
Índia - Paradigmas da Beleza - Mylene Rizzo
an old photo of a woman with flowers in her hair
Taormina, Geometric, Tejidos
Inspired – Rossana Taormina
a woman wearing a black shirt with red lines on her chest and neck, standing in front of a white wall
Universitaria honra a su padres con fotografías en campos de inmigrantes
Hand Embroidery Art
an old black and white photo of a woman in front of a wall with lines on it
Art deco on vintage postcard by Rosanne Voets