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a woman standing in front of a pink wall with a handbag on her hip
Hacer bolsos de piel de forma sostenible es posible |
a green background with white text that reads, concama a lifestyle brand that belies in fair trade fashion, local design and
Concalma a lifestyle brand that believes in #fairtradefashion, #localdesign and #sustainablepractices.
a woman sitting on a white couch holding two bags
Cargo flores negro | hip pouch verde monte
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a wall with an air conditioner
CONCALMA — Backpack woven
CONCALMA — Backpack woven
a woman holding a blue and pink bag in front of a purple wall with shoes on it
“BRICKS” Concalma X supakid colab
Supakid: “BRICKS” Concalma x Supakid Colab
a banana shaped object hanging on the side of a yellow wall with blue and white stripes
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Concalma Bags San Juan
Canasta Plaid Plaid, Red Plaid, Red
mart - basket | red plaid
Canasta Plaid
Flowers over Khaki - Market style Gym Bag, Marketing
Flowers over Khaki - Market style
a woman wearing a hat and carrying a green floral tote bag on the street
Green Flowers
Image of Upcycled Denim collection Backpack Denim, Backpacks, Stripes, Upcycled Denim, Collection, Upcycle, Wide Stripes
Image of Upcycled Denim collection Backpack
a man and woman walking down a red hand rail in front of a stairwell area