Shiradix Shirow

Shiradix Shirow

Shiradix Shirow
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I've always thought that pale skin in beautiful. The contrast of pale skin and black hair is wonderful.

I looked into your eyes and Saw a world that does not exist. I looked into your eyes and Saw a world I wish I was in ("Touched" - VAST) Super cute hair and eye makeup. I probly wouldn't do the striped lip tho.

Louise Brooks. If only I considered for one moment I could look like this with a bob, as opposed to like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber...

Sleek Bob Short Haircut ❥❥❥ Louise Brooks rose to stardom in the but became notable for her unapologetically bold hairstyle. Her bob was dark, sleek and cut just below the ears with straight, blunt cut bangs.

Einfach nur schön

These days I occupy myself with frivolities. I serve the goddess of beauty, hoping she may grant me gifts. I work for dazzling skin, vibrant hair, good health.Halloween make-up for a burlesque costume