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a poster with an image of a woman dancing in front of a red background and the words spain on it
a poster with an image of a bull running in front of a building and fireworks
Collected Images
Vintage Spain Travel Poster
a woman in a red dress standing next to potted flowers and holding a fan
Visite Espana Flamenco Dancer
Visite Espana Flamenco Dancer | Mad Men Art | Vintage Ad Art Collection
an advertisement for the spanish opera's spain show, featuring a man and woman dancing
The 60s Bazaar
Spain, Iberia Air Lines - vintage travel poster, by Vega, 1960s
a woman carrying a basket full of food on top of a hill next to the ocean
an old poster shows two birds flying over the water and one is holding a sail
an advertisement for san sebastian with a woman on the beach
Adventures of the Blackgang
San Sebastian, Spain, 1956, (looks like the shell is eating her leg!)
a poster with flowers on the head and words visit spain written in blue, red, yellow and white
Chisholm Poster - Visit Spain
VISIT SPAIN by Teodoro Delgado, 1950's
an old poster advertising the visit spain
PAI-LXIII: Rare Posters - Poster Auctions International Inc
PAI-LXIII: Raros Posters - Cartel Subastas Internacionales, Inc
an old movie poster with two men on the street and one man falling off his feet
Fiestas San Fermin, Pamplona 1909
a woman in a red dress carrying a green pot on her head with the words espana written below
Espana by Morell 1941 Spain - Beautiful Vintage Poster Reproductions. This vertical Spanish travel poster features a woman in a red dress walking away towards a beach with a jug in her hand and one on her head. Giclee Advertising Print. Classic Posters
Espana Artist: Morell Circa: 1941 Origin: Spain
a spanish poster depicting a bull and a woman
travel poster on Tumblr
Madrid travel poster | Tumblr