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Sergi Carranco

Sergi Carranco
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[Caldera-Drowsy] -Rock/Ground -The Cauldron Pokemon -Ability: Comatose -Dex: "This pokemon is in a constant state of hibernation . Sin of Sloth

[Sprout-Sprite] -Grass -The Vine pokemon -Ability: Clorophyll/Leaf Guard - Stone Cutter*(HA) -Dex: "Its body is composed of vines a.

Pikachu Cap QR Code for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

pokemonglobalnews: “ Pikachu Cap QR Code for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon ”

The Swamp Thing V.2.0 by darksilvania

Remake of my female cobra line (F) -Poison -Asp Pokemon (cobra-priestess) -Poison& -Cobra Pokemon (Nefertiti-Toxic) -Poison& -Queen Pokemon Aga.

Deepest Blackness V.2.0 by darksilvania on deviantART

This is the remake of this ones and now with descriptions, also new names (Deinos-Angel) -Psychic/Dark -Dread Pokemon -Ability-Phobia: All the user attack have a of chances of makin.

Boogeyman Pokemon 355-Horrobogy (Horror-Boogeyman) -Ghost/Dark -Ghoul Pokemon 356-Mostrogart (Monster-Boggart) -Ghost/Dark -Spooky Pokemon 477-Bogemonstr (Boogeyman-Monster) -Ghost/Dark -Nightmare ...

la vie boheme -SOLD- by darksilvania on DeviantArt

Lets get ready to rumble v2.0 by on @DeviantArt

[Rumble-Melee-Chamelon] -Dragon/Fighting -The Colorful Pokemon -Ability: Adaptability/Wonder Skin - Protean(HA) -Dex: "Thanks t.

Like a Thorn in my side v2.0 by on @DeviantArt

[Horny Toad] -Rock/Poison -The Toxic Lizard Pokemon -Ability: Poison Point - Rock Head(HA) -Dex: "When this pokemon is attacked it. Like a Thorn in my side

Tin Toys by on @DeviantArt

-GIZMUNCH [Gizmo-Munching] -Steel -The Clockwork Pokemon -Ability: Heavy Metal - Waterproof(HA)* -Dex: “This large pokemon live in ponds and lakes where they spent most of the time looking for food, the intend to gather enough energy to evolve.

Anoter remake, this time from my extinct birds line [link] (Dodo-Axe) -Steel -Dodo pokemon -"This pokemon body is so heavy he lost the ability. Non-Flying Birds