Francisco Garcia Sanchez

Francisco Garcia Sanchez

Francisco Garcia Sanchez
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como hacer porta macetas colgantes

Last weekend I made this hanging herb garden, a great solution for my tiny kitchen which has, oh, about of counter space.

This is for (2) pieces of Live Pixie Cup Cladonia Lichen, approx. 1.5" in diameter. Looks beautiful in terrariums and also in basic flower pots and for bonsai. Lives well with british soldier cladonia

Appalachian Emporium's Live Pixie Cup 2 Pack Cladonia for Terrariums Gardens Bonsai Crafts: 2 beautiful pieces of Pixie Cup Lichen measuring in diameter. Great addition to your terrarium or fairy garden!

bondades moringa

Sometimes, the best things come in small and ordinary packages. Take a look at the wondrous tree of Moringa Oleifera, also called the Drumstick Tree by the British, Malunggay by the Filipinos, Marum by the Thais