textures & patterns.

a pink and green background with an oval shape
Pink background
closeup of green and white leaves on a plant
several large paper umbrellas are arranged in a pattern on the wall, as seen from above
Texture + Pattern
I have had this beautiful texture/pattern on my Pinterest board for yonks now. When I was researching where this image originated from so I could correctly credit the source, I discovered that it is a close up of the texture on a pendant light from Anthropologie! (Swipe to see!) 🤯 #jessieve
the fabric is very soft and white in color
Ballet Inspired Shoot Part I — M. K. Sadler
Gorgeous neutral and creme colored fabric for bright color inspiration. Perfect for autumn and winter.
some pink flowers on a white surface with water droplets and yellow dots in the middle
an abstract painting with gold paint on white paper and some brown spots in the middle
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a white wall with peeling paint on it
Download premium vector of Beige phone lockscreen vector wallpaper earth tone abstract background by Nunny about earth tone wallpaper iphone, beige background, neutral aesthetic iphone wallpaper, wallpaper aesthetic, and background 2873515
a black and white cat sitting on top of a window sill next to a plant
Download premium image of Shadow of leaves on a concrete wall by Jira about wall, shadow, leaf shadow, minimal, and shadow background 2267723
an abstract white background with wavy lines
the white fabric is very soft and clean
Extra Wide Window Curtains, Drapes & Panels | Spiffy Spools
a white wallpaper with wavy lines and circles on the top, in an art deco style
Home vinyl wallpaper for walls ✔️ Walls Republic US
an abstract white wallpaper with wavy lines
a white paper textured with some sort of stain on the bottom and one side