José Manuel Mas

José Manuel Mas

Crevillente / Historiador del Arte, Heavy hasta la médula (también me apasiona la Música Clásica, New Age, Jazz, Blues y Folk) y un fan del Cine, Manga y Literatura.
José Manuel Mas
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Boxercise by LeatherRuffian

So I was playing Amy's story in Sonic Battle so I decided to do something in the style again.

El Rincón de Josema - 2 - Aída Nizar y Telecinco

El Rincón de Josema - 2 - Aída Nizar y Telecinco

Amy Rose - Buscar con Google

Amy Rose When? About Amy Rose postcard from Summer of Sonic Description Summer of Sonic is over now, so I can upload.

pictures of friends. .. Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Cream, Rogue, Tails, Cheese, Devil Chow and Angel Chow and Knuckles. ALSO, the chaos emeralds.

Sonic the Hedgehog sticker pack Send us a message if you want to pin on our "Favorite Old Video Games" board and wel'l add you!

Sonic 3

Sonic the Hedgehog japanese box art compilation (for Mega Drive/Genesis): Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic Spinball Sonic the Hedgehog 3

AMY FORMS MEME by on @deviantART

I told you do not underestimate her =皿= Really a thank Sonic for "the care" [link] bride Hissatsu Skill