se me hizo padre para las fotos que se lleguen hacer para subir a la pagina, hacer algunas de lso hot dogs, bien producidas.

Nestled among the glacial shimmering of the financial district's glass and steel superstructures, this quaint throwback is a much more natural affair – brick, stone and wood all come together to create a homely and pleasantly comforting building.

9 Best Hot Dog Recipes for Labor Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - Wide Open Spaces

9 Best Hot Dog Recipes for Labor Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to our friends at Personal Creations, we present this awesome hotdog topping list for National Hotdog Day!

pared cafeteria -

The New Nicolway Mall.

Empire Hot Dogs #Packaging. Entre en el fantástico mundo de para descubrir muchas más cosas! #branding

Empire Hot Dogs— an interesting way to share a unique brand story. Also a great promotional platform. Hot dogs for Millennials PD

newlyclark: Breakfast break. (at The Daily Harvest)

patterned tile for order counter face - make in house newlyclark: Breakfast break. (at The Daily Harvest)

identidad gráfica de Bone Daddy's Restaurant.

Bone Daddy’s Multiple Locations, TX Restaurant branding design menu food Awesome style I'd love to mimic this for a personal project of some part. It's not at all my style it'd be an awesome challenge

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