Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland | by Ro Ariass | Click here for great walking holidays in Scotland: http://www.adventuretravelshop.co.uk/holidays-in-scotland/

18 Of The Most Luxurious And Expensive Places To Stay In Scotland Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland. This was one of our favorite stops in our trip to Scotland this year.

Amsterdam, Gus and Hazel travelled there in the novel as Gus's make a wish gift.

AMSTERDAM --------------------------- The canals of Amsterdam in TEN PHOTOS --------- Marked MAP of where all 10 pics were taken www,marine-engine.

The Notting Hill Bookshop (Famous place from the movie "Notting Hill") | Flickr Photo Sharing!

The Notting Hill Bookshop - 13 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London. Famous place from the movie "Notting Hill".

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I have walked these streets. My life has been pretty exciting I must say.

¡Viajar por tres!

Travels are lived three times: when we dream of, when we live them, when we remember them

Cual Kate Winslet saliendo de su coche para ver el Titanic, asomé la cabeza a medida que salía de la boca del metro de Westminster. Y allí se alzaba, no el mítico barco, sinó el también mítico (por…

Vive el Londres básico y espectacular en sólo tres días

Giza, Egypt. Literally one of my top places to visit.-Ive always wanted to go to egypt since we started learning about it in 6th grade. Maybe one day....  - Best Value Travel Online

Pyramid, Giza, Egypt----this is on my bucket list! I've always wanted to go see the pyramids!

Circular Quay, the hub of Sydney Harbour, is situated in a small inlet called Sydney Cove, founding site for Australia / A stepping-off point for most attractions around the harbour & an exciting place to be on a warm summer's day / The Overseas Passenger Terminal is centre & Museum of Contemporary Art left foreground / The quay is a vibrant, bustling place with ferries leaving every few minutes to different parts of the harbour, including Manly, Watsons Bay,  Mosman & Taronga Park Zoo.

Juan Mata: “As a footballer you travel to a lot of places but you don’t get to spend much time in them. I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand, for example. That’s a dream for me. The same goes for China. I’d really like to visit.

Alpes, Lucerne, Switzerland

The Town of Weggis - From the Alps to Lake Lucerne, Switzerland by Luis Fernández Argaeus

Afinal o paraiso também existe aqui no nosso Portugal!

Secluded cave near Lagoa Algarve Portugal [Portugal is has it all. great food and wine sights natural spots (like this one) friendly people. and you can get away with your high school Spanish if you need to.

Livi Gosling Illustration

Paris Illustrated Map - Paris Print - City Map Poster Romantic illustrated map print of Paris, France. Featuring the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The

Vive el Londres básico y espectacular en sólo tres días

Vive el Londres básico y espectacular en sólo tres días