Trans; "Do you know the difference between a pizza and your opinion?....I asked for the pizza!"

Cómo dar una pastilla a un gato.

Daba risa, pero con el dibujo, te ríes más.

Daba risa, pero con el dibujo, te ríes más.

MONA-LISA. By: Henry Fuentes


de palabras, puns, Spanish, "La Mona-Lisa" (play on word 'lisa', which here means Mona is straitening her hair) Mona of course means monkey.

"My little son, in the kitchen there is a bowl of potatoes.  Peel half of them and boil them."   "Finished!"   Estoy aprendiendo a leer Español.

23 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Food

I was running late, so I had asked my husband to peel half the potatoes and put them on to boil and I'd be home soon after to finish dinner. When I got home this is what I saw.Except for it was my husband who asked ME to peel half of the potatoes.