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Can - presente: puedo/puedes/puede/podemos/podéis/pueden Could - puede ser tanto: Conditional: podría/podrías/podría/podríamos/podríais/podrían - una forma para todos o Indefinido pude/pudiste/pudo/pudimos/pudisteis/pudieramos - una forma para todos

The correct usage of CAN and COULD in American Casual, Spoken English using "Modal Verbs", general rules to go by (never hard and fast or forever, always, aka: always exceptions but here's a really good start)

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We have a NEW English Grammar chart for you. This time we show you the difference between This, That, These, Those (These words are called Demonstratives in English) You can find more information a.

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Quick grammar tip with chart! Uses of the modal verbs MAY and MIGHT in English from Woodward English.

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