Lago del valle en El Valle del Lago, Somiedo

Lagos de Saliencia, Asturias where is a the Principality in Spain.

Catedral de Burgos, Castilla y León, Spain.

HIGH GOTHIC, Spain - Burgos Cathedral, 1221 (Some Renaissance works were added in the and centuries.) The Gothic architecture of Spain was really begun in the with the two great cathedrals of Burgos and Toledo.

Catedral de Burgos, Spain

Burgos Cathedral is a Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral in Burgos, Spain. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is famous for its vast size and unique architecture.

Calle de Cimadevilla Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Oviedo, Asturias, Spain -- Oviedo will always hold a little piece of my heart that lets me call this wonderful place my second home

Toledo Cathedral - Toledo - Spain (von mariocutroneo)

Catedral de Toledo in a Gothic style with a French influence, it measures 120 m long by 60 m wide and contains 5 naves supported by 88 pillars and 72 vaults