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Cross body hammer curl. An isolation pull exercise. Main muscles worked: Brachioradialis, Biceps Brachii (especially the long head), and Brachialis.

An auxiliary upper-arm exercise, the cross-body hammer curl targets your brachioradialis, while your brachialis and biceps brachii act as synergists.


Learning more about little things to do with a passion of mine. I hope to one day have other career ventures hopefully soon.

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Fall / Winter - casual style - street style - black sunglasses - grey heathered wool pocket jacket + grey and black heathered sweater + grey knit scarf + brown belt + dark denim jeans

Superhero Facts: Part 5 - 9GAG

Pinning not only because superhero facts are awesome but this one mentions a few in which I have particular interest: Iron Fist, Nova, and Constantine.