DIY Pom Pom Letters

DIY Pom Pom Letters

Festive and fuzzy: DIY pom pom letters for extra party pop. OOhh so many possibilities for these, they would work well for a party, big event or for festive celebrations, so versatile, fab!

M is for Marshmallows...practice fine motor skills by using toothpicks and marshmallows to build letters, numbers or shapes

M is for Marshmallow Letter Recognition Activities

Noms tallats

jeu du prénom coupé Name puzzle: I would add the student's photo on the right end and laminate the puzzle for continual use throughout the year.

Learn to spell your name and make a rainbow!

Learn to Spell Your Name & Make a Rainbow - hands on : as we grow

TOADally Tots: DIY Name Recognition Puzzle

TOADally Tots: DIY Name Recognition Puzzle -- This idea could also be used for pictures of all kinds of things, with the word spelled out below.

Associació del nom amb la fotografia.

Educació i les TIC: Recursos per treballar els noms amb els infants

Senefa de flors. Cadascú fa la seva flor amb les lletres del seu nom

Chrysanthemum Activities

The book Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes, is full of wonderful opportunities for learning and we had fun making up some wonderful Chrysanthemum activities.

Make your own name puzzles.

Name Activities for Preschool Pre-K and Kindergarten: Name Practice Puzzles

Quin nom s'hi amaga?

"Guess the Word" (Watercolor paints over white crayon) You could use this with sight words or during a whole group word-work lesson. The kids could make one and trade with a friend.Could use for letters/number.