Everytime we see eachother the first thing u do to make me so absolutely mad is check me out and say dam I rlly don't deserve u.. Why do u think that.. Yet when we walk around and every guy checks me out u don't spare them and u get pissed.. U know I am urs yet u thjnk I am gojng to leave.. If u just stopped being so angry becuase ur anger scares me.. That's why everyone's scared of u cause u beat people up.. Please go on the right track for me ❤️

You make me so happy and everyday I am so excited to get home and to see you there, waiting for me! I love you so much and I love that you are mine and I am yours! The universe cannot keep us apart any longer! We definitely belong together!

your best friend, boyfriend, and true love.

I feel really lucky to have my husband , He is not only my best friend , boyfriend , true love , etc. But he is definitely my world! Love my fran.


El que no arriesgas no gana - o no pierde- no ama- ni pierde.

No te enamores de mi.

No te enamores de una persona curiosa.

HIMYM Alternate Ending. How I Met Your Mother #himym

And that kids, is how I met your mother! HIMYM Alternate Ending. How I Met Your Mother