Actividades para trabajar motricidad fina

Cardboard Beads Threading Activity for Toddlers

Cardboard Beads Threading Activity for Toddlers - I love this activity, easy & affordable for parents and so much fun and educational for toddlers.

Motricitat fina amb pinces

Create your own mini washing line to develop pincer grip and finger/hand strength - placing pegs on washing line to hang clothes.

excelente juego de tubos

Kids kitchen counter toy to distract while cooking. Made of PVC piping and table tennis balls. Easy trout together & kids love it! Maybe paint the balls so they have to color match?

Adorable mini clothesline hanging for building preschool fine motor skills.

Youpi mercredi #32 : le fil à linge

Sonido inicial.

Secret Sight Words

Gift for room Secret Sight words! Your kids will LOVE. They look at the picture, figure out the beginning sound, and put the letter until they figure out the sight word!

Sensomotoriek - voelmat  Je rolt de voelmat uit op de grond. En zet de baby erop. De baby kan dan voelen aan de mat. En op ontdekking gaan en verschillende soorten texturen en materialen voelen. Voor het spel af te sluiten kan je de mat terug oprollen.

Sensory walk way with giant foam puzzle pieces and diff textures. Put non slip rug mats under each one to prevent slipping around

Alfombra bebé

Create a sensory floor with foam tiles and different textures of fabric, carpet, and more!

Wat zit er in de doos? Tactiele waarneming, verwoorden wat je voelt. Kan ingezet worden voor de woordenschat.

We've done "feel what's in the bag and guess what it is" a few times but this one is fab - and would look good for the celebration. Wat zit er in de doos?