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the building has many windows and is next to a body of water with grass in front of it
House with 11 views - Marc Koehler Architects
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv
Toshiki Omatsu
5 column house - Toshiki Omatsu
an empty room with wooden floors and tables in the center, two side by side
Garmendia Cordero arquitectos, Carlos Garmendia Fernández · REFURBISHMENT OF AN OFFICE INTO A DWELLING IN BILBAO
Refurbishment of an office into a dwelling - Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a spa or other place for people to use it
NABITO Architects > Little Shoes, Barcelona. | HIC
Little shoes - Nabito architects
a living room with wood paneling and sliding glass doors
A Flexible Apartment for a Young Couple in São Paulo
Flat in São Paulo - Metamoorfose Studio
a wooden table sitting in front of a white wall with a red light hanging from it
Soto-Lay Architects, José Hevia, Dani Puig · Renovation of an Apartment in Barcelona
Apartamento en Barcelona - Soto-Lay architects
a man walking through an empty kitchen with dark cabinets and counter tops on the walls
la Olivia / CRÜ
Casa Olivia - Räs Studio
a large wooden house sitting on top of a lush green hillside
pezo von ellrichshausen's nida house in chile is stacked like an inverted ziggurat
Nida House - Pezo Von Ellrichshausen
a drawing of a room with white walls and orange carpet in the center, surrounded by grids
House As a Manifestation of the Self: Jean-Pierre Raynaud’s...
Maison - Jean-Pierre Raynaud
a building with wooden slats on the side and green grass in front of it
Vivienda bifamiliar en Galdakao
Vivienda en Galdakao - Pauzarq
an apartment building with balconies on the top floor
wild bär heule
Wohnüberbauung Uetikon Am See - Wild Bär Heule
an image of a building that is in the rain
[:es]Rehabilitación de vivienda en San Agustín | 2es+_oficina de arquitectura[:gl]Rehabilitación de vivenda en San Agustín | 2es+_oficina de arquitectura[:en]Rehabilitation of housing in San Agustín | 2es+_oficina de arquitectura[:] - veredes
Rehabilitación de vivienda en San Agustín - 2es+_oficina de arquitectura
two people are standing on the balcony of a modern house with white walls and roof
La Casa de Los Vientos / José Luis Muñoz
Casa de Los Vientos - José Luis Muñoz
a man is walking down the hallway between two doors and another door on the other side
Administrative Quarantine
Casa en Doctor Castelo