Casa Primicia

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an iphone photo of a kitchen with white walls and wood flooring on the wall
Four-cornered Villa / Avanto Architects
Four-cornered Villa - Avanto Architects
En construcción.
an unfinished room with red and blue pipes
En construcción.
the interior of an old building with scaffolding
En construcción.
an old building with exposed brick walls and ladders
En construcción.
an architectural drawing of a staircase with two people standing on the top and bottom floors
Sección por escalera.
a set of wooden stairs leading up to an open window in a white walled room
the stairs are made of wood and have white walls
an empty staircase with wooden steps leading up to the second floor
four different views of the floor plans for a house in black and white, each with an individual's own kitchen
an architectural drawing of a house with red heat pipes running down the side of it
Disposición espacial.
an empty kitchen with white walls and counter tops, stainless steel faucet in the corner
an empty white room with sliding glass doors
Acceso zona de estar.
an empty room with sliding glass doors and potted plants
Patio de acceso.
the building is white and has windows on each side
Vista exterior.