chema-madoz-3 by Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz’s Fine Art Photography

Chema Madoz - C -

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz creates twisted, mind-bending images using everyday, ordinary objects. Placing the objects into surreal scenes, he fools o

15 Alucinantes fotos del español Chema Madoz que te harán mirar 2 veces

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz has won international recognition for his surreal black and white photos, and this list brings together some of his best pieces

Photography » Chema Madoz – świat obiektów niemożliwych

Ironic art can be very interesting and puzzling. I "stumbled" upon a website that had several photos that played with several ironic concept.

Chema Madoz

This amazingly creative photos are product of Spanish photographer called Chema Madoz. Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz (born better known as Chema